Stuff Down



Tech House label from Ludwigshafen / Mannheim (Germany).
In the beginning of it’s history the label name was Amused 8bit.
The first releases were distributed by Sweet-N-Low, cat#s had the same prefix (AMR) as Amused releases.
In 2006 they changed to distributor Intergroove and numbered their following releases with the new prefix 8bit.
Since then the label name is 8bit.

Quality: 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
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Cecille Records, Cecille Numbers (2007-2009) – Complete Discography.

[CEC001] Markus Fix – El Comienzo
[CEC002] SIS – La Garua
[CEC003] Andomat 3000 – Cognitive Dissonance
[CEC004] Markus Fix – Cannibals
[CEC005] VA – No 5
[CEC006] Nick Curly – Dubnoise EP
[CEC007] SIS – Dim Dim _ Holly Bolly
[CEC008] Ilario Alicante – Living Near Africa EP
[CEC009] Markus Fix – It Depends On You
[CEC010] Nick Curly – Series 1.2
[CEC011] Ray Okpara – Ebele EP
[CEC012] Sebo K & Metro – Saxtrack EP
[CEN001A] Lemos – Part One
[CEN001B] Lemos – Part Two EP
[CEN002] Robert Dietz – Jaszu EP
[CEN003] Markus Fix and Robert Dietz – Boston Shunsower
[CEN004] Kreon – Jack EP
[CEN005C] Livio and Roby Vs George G – Part III
[CEN006] Anthea And Celler – Retroceso EP

Prosumer – Phrench Phries Podcast vol.8
005 Nick Curly (8bit, Cecille)mono_cult podcast 005 // Nick Curly // search mono-cult in itunes or subscribe through
This weeks mix comes from 8bit and Cecille frontman Nick Curly. After we had him on at mono_cult in the summer of 2008, Nick has gone from strength to strength releasing tracks and remixes for Cocoon, Liebe Detail and Plastic City respectively.

His ‚Series‘ project released on both his imprints, 8bit and Cecille, have highlighted his talent as one of the leading producers at the moment and have cemented his labels as a must in anyones record box.

His mix features tracks from artists such as Sascha Dive, Peace Division and highly rated newcomer Veltengruber, programmed perfectly to deliver a mix that flows throughout. Enjoy.

mikael2Mikael Stavostrand @ Unfamous Festival – 04.07.2009

Opening by: Dsum @ Unfamous Festival – 04.07.2009


I will upload daily around 4-5 archives from Richie Hawtin’s Discography.
(1990) F.U.S.E. – Approach & IdentifyDownload:
(1991) F.U.S.E. – Substance AbuseDownload:
(1992) F.U.S.E. – The Unreleased ExperimentsDownload:
(1993) F.U.S.E. – Dimension IntrusionDownload:
(1993) F.U.S.E. – LoopDownload:
(1993) F.U.S.E. – Train-TracsDownload:
(1993) Plastikman – KrakpotDownload:
(1993) Plastikman – Sheet OneDownload:
(1994)Plastikman – MusikDownload:
(1994)Plastikman – PlastiqueDownload:
(1994)Plastikman – Recycled PlastikDownload:
(1995)Richie Hawtin – Call it what you wantDownload:
(1996)Plastikman – Plastikprodukts Member CDDownload:
(1997)Plastikman – SicknessDownload:
(1997)Richie Hawtin – 005Download:
NEW UPDATE: – 1 January 2009
(1998)Plastikman – Artifakts BCDownload:
(1998)Plastikman – Concept 1Download:
(1998)Plastikman – ConsumedDownload:
(1998)Plastikman – HypokondriakDownload:
NEW UPDATE: – 3 January 2009
(1998)Plastikman & Thomas Brinkmann – Concept 1 vrDownload:
(1999)F.U.S.E. vs Plastikman – KrossoverDownload:
(1999)Plastikman – Mixmag Live!Download:
(1999)Plastikman – PKDownload:
(1999)Richie Hawtin – Decks, efx & 909Download:
(1999)Richie Hawtin – Minus OrangeDownload:
(1999)Richie Hawtin – Minus YellowDownload:
NEW UPDATE: – 4 January 2009
(2000)Richie Hawtin & Pete Namlook – From within IDownload:
(2000)Richie Hawtin & Pete Namlook – From within IIDownload:
(2000)Richie Hawtin & Pete Namlook- From within IIIDownload:
(2001)F.U.S.E – HypnofreakDownload:
(2001)Richie Hawtin – DE9 Closer To The EditDownload:
NEW UPDATE: – 8 January 2009
(2002)Plastikman – KontaktDownload:
(2002)Plastikman – SpastikDownload:
(2002)Plastikman – Spastik remasteredDownload:
(2002)Richie Hawtin – The Sound Of Third SeasonDownload:
(2002)Richie Hawtin & Steve Bug – Low blowDownload:
NEW UPDATE: – 10 January 2009
(2003)Plastikman – CLOSERDownload:
(2003)Plastikman – DisconnectDownload:
(2003)Richie Hawtin – Hard trax vol. 3Download:
(2004)Plastikman – I don’t knowDownload:
(2004)Plastikman – Nostalgik 1Download:
(2004)Plastikman – NostalgiknDownload:
(2004)Richie Hawtin – Forcept 1Download:
NEW UPDATE: – 11 January 2009
(2005)Plastikman – DE9 TransitionsDownload:
(2005)Plastikman – Nostalgik 2Download:
(2005)Plastikman – Sickness (Guido Schneider Remix)Download:
(2005)Plastikman – Zulu RemixDownload:
(2005)Richie Hawtin – The tunnelDownload:
NEW UPDATE: – 11 January 2009 – Part 2
(2006)Plastikman – SicknessDownload:
(2006)Richie Hawtin – DE9 Lite – Electronic AdventuresDownload:
(2006)V.A. – Kontakt rtw mixed by Richie HawtinDownload:
(2007)Plastikman – Nostalgik 3Download: RapidShare.
Ryo Murakami
Agoria – Higher Frequency Mix Show 19-06-2009…_19-06-2009.mp3
Agoria – DJ Set at Tsugi Podcast 37 06-03-2009
Andre Galluzzi – Live at Meet The Feebles Off Location Koeln 30-04-2009
Butane – Mainroom Mix Session 03-06-2009
klick mich
This time, the Woods N Bass Podcast Series presents to you an special mix, by our friend Lauhaus. He recorded the set @ Soenda Festival Pre-Party on 09.05.09.
Hope all of you enjoy this one, by the guy behind Soweso with his friend Kabale.

Seth Troxler – Crosstown Rebels / Wagon Repair [gtc060]
Posted by: clement in [Podcast]
Quand Ed me dit en 2006 : « tu connais ce jeune de Detroit, il s’appelle Seth Troxler, il est archi talentueux », je ne pensais pas que le jeune Isar aurait le nez si creux. 3 ans après, la déferlante Seth Troxler a touché la scène électro. Originaire de Detroit, prototype parfait du producteur moderne, le jeune homme porte sur ses épaules l’héritage old school et l’avenir d’une scène électronique en quête désespérée d’artistes innovants. Sombre, hédoniste, drogué, son passage à la dernière Get The Curse est resté en mémoire d’un paquet de monde. Voici un extrait en podcast.
[gtc060] Seth Troxler – getthecurse podcast – 2009.04.27
+++ Infos:
Seth Troxler [Myspace]
Direct Link
Len Faki – Berghain 03
Len Faki mixes ‘Berghain 03’ for Ostgut Ton due to be released on April 20, 2009.
There aren’t many DJs who embody euphoric raving, moments fraught with happiness and electric discharges onto the dancefloor, as Len Faki does. What has been reserved for dancers at Berghain and other international clubs, is now available on CD for the first time ever. ‘Berghain 03’ is a display of Faki’s mastery at its most compact and intense. Unlike a recording from a clubnight, this CD concentrates all aspects and tonalities of Len’s extensive sets at Berghain on 77 minutes. Len takes the listener on a journey, or rather an odyssey: At the beginning one is sucked into a hypnotic techno sound gradually developing a more and more intoxicating, electrifying and dramatic dynamic. Len Faki’s exclusive contribution ‘BX 3’ marks a first euphoric highlight being absorbed by Radioslave’s dubby undertones of ‘Neverending’, another exclusive track on this mix, followed by Basement Jaxx’ disco house transporting the euphoric atmosphere to a new frisky level. Towards the end Jerome Sydenham’s and Dennis Ferrer’s ‘Timbuktu’ adds a spiritual depth underlined by Burial’s remix of Bloc Party’s ‘Where Is Home?’ as a perfect closing track.
Having moved to Berlin in 2002 Len Faki took a creative break in order to restart as a DJ and musician. He became a resident at Berghain and launched his new labels Figure and Podium on which he released a series of excellent 12“s. The highlights of his own output were ‘Mekong Delta’ on Ostgut Ton and ‘My Black Sheep’ on Podium.
For anyone who experienced Len Faki internationally as a peaktime DJ or who only know him for his productions, the second, more house-y part of ‘Berghain 03’ might come as a surprise, as this aspect of his DJing has so far been reserved to his marathons at Berghain. But Faki rises to the special challenge of presenting such a set during the length of a CD, without suffering the loss of the broad stylistic range of such a night. Being able to show that it’s still possible to bring oppositional tracks into a coherent context on this mix has been a task close to Len’s heart. As a matter of fact, this is the main theme of ‘Berghain 03’. Techno and house don’t appear as antagonists here, but rather are the manifestations of the same emotive erruptions. By changing styles Len Faki reveals connections you can feel. By layering the tracks for very long periods they all appear in a new light.
In spite of the stylistic openness, ‘Berghain 03’ is still a techno mix. For Len Faki, techno is the music of happiness. The energy of the dancefloor feeds back to the turntables and creates a loop driving dancers into ecstasy, bedazzling listeners during the course of 20 tracks; from John Beltran’s orchestral sounds to Burial’s fey Dubstep.
01. John Beltran – Vienna
02. Edit-Select – Bauer (Exclusive Track)
03. Roman Lindau – Raumgestaltung
04. Collabs feat. Speedy J & Chris Liebing – Magnit Express
05. Gez Varley pres. Tony Montana – The World Is Yours
06. Someone Else – Lowdown Brittle (Wink’s Profound Sound Interpretation)
07. Pfirter – Mi Chica
08. Eric Johnston – Waiting For Weird
09. JP Montesino – Viaje Numero Uno
10. Planetary Assault Systems – Surface Noise
11. Len Faki – BX 3 (Exclusive Track)
12. Radio Slave – Neverending (Exclusive Track)
13. Radio Slave w/ Dennis Ferrer – Neverending w/ Jero A capella
14. Koljah & Oliver Deutschmann – Eaten Back To Life (Ed Davenport’s Stripped Mix)
15. Tony Lionni – Found A Place (Exclusive Track)
16. Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Xtra Mix)
17. Nick Holder & Kaje pres. Trackheadz – Feel (Instrumental Mix)
18. Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face
19. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. – Timbuktu
20. Bloc Party – Where is Home? (Burial Remix)
Promo zum Download.
Falls ihr gefallen dran gefunden habt.Könnt ihr mich am 10.04. live im Parkhaus Düsseldorf bubbeln.
Jeppa würde mich über euer feedback freuen.nocomply
1kreon – ibiza voice podcast (2009.02)
2johnny d – ibiza voice podcast (2009.02)
3anthea – ibiza voice podcast (2009.02)
4mara trax – ibiza voice podcast (2009.02)
5reboot – ibiza voice podcast (2009.03)
6michal ho – ibiza voice podcast (2009.03)
7anthony collins – ibiza voice podcast (2009.03)
———get the curse podcast———
9tadeo – get the curse podcast 052 (2009.02)
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11dean muhsin (bearweasel) – get the curse podcast 055 (2009.03)
12par grindvik (spectral sound) – get the curse podcast 058 (2009.03)
–resident advisor podcast–
13joris voorn (2007.07)
14ben klock (2007.07)
15samim (2007.08)
16anja schneider (2007.08)
17sascha dive (2008.04)
18richie hawtin (2008.04)
19move d (2008.10)
20jus-ed (2008.10)
21josh wink (2009.02)
22thomas brinkmann (2009.02)
23surgeon (2009.03)
25dj koze (2009.03)
1. Function – Variance (Regis Edit) [Sandwell District]
2. Liquid Sky – The Darkness [Filtered Vision]
3. Shed – The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
4. Norman Nodge – Man Made [MDR]
5. Bandalu – Episode 07 [Foundation Sound Works]
6. The Mole – Ain’t The Way It’s Supposed To Be [Wagon Repair]
7. Surgeon – Prowler [Counterbalance]
8. Omar-S – Busaru Beats [Sound Signature]
9. Ben Klock – Grip [Ostgut Ton]
10. Levon Vincent – Six Figures [Novel Sound]
11. Steffan Linzatti – See [Stockholm LTD]
12. Steve Stoll – Run in It B1 [Proper]
13. Norman Nodge – Rush [MDR]
14. Ben Klock – Before One [Ostgut Ton]
15. Booka Shade – Sweet Lies (Radio Slave Remix) [Get Physical]
16. Marcel Dettmann – Untitled [Unreleased]
17. Kink – Blue Print [Rush Hour]
18. Roman Lindau – Simplicity [Fachwork]
0e357d2c65f8 > presents podcast MixTape #27> by Steffi [Berghain/ Panorama Bar /Ostgut] 2009
download > save as link >
Your city. Berlin
Your club. Berghain / Panoramabar
First record bought. I was a given a 7 inch of Sandra.
When (where, how, etc.) did you start deejaying? I started in 1996 and it really got serious when i got my first residency in club Mazzo (RIP) in Amsterdam.
Number of records in your collection. A lot! I have no idea how many…
Role model. Everybody could be a role model since there is so much to learn from other people, regardless what they do or who they are.
The most important thing while mixing is… a nice crowd and a great atmosphere!
My strongest fear is… waking up with a bad mood
Thing, which is always with you on the journey. Ipod
When I’m not busy with music I… sleep
Track you’re currently working on. Trying to get my release for Soulrock ready.
Music is… the highest form of art.
harry axt @ klang fragmente – mth.electro – 09.03.2009
fullRaresh, Pedro & Rhadoo@ D,Edge Sao Paulo-31-01-2009part1: – MooM & Petre Inspirescu @ D-Edge (Brasil) 01.02.20091: // MySpace // Exposed Audio

* Dan Drastic- Slice Of Life / Johnny D Rmx – Moon Harbour
* Audion can’t go home mix – Jaydee ‘Plastic Dreams’ – R&S Records
* Tobias. – I Can’t Fight The Feeling – Wagon Repair
* Luc Ringeisen – Sahara Original Edit – Vinylclub
* Julius Papp & Charles Spencer – Drums – City Deep Music
* Lee Jones – Soon / Mole Remix – Aus
* Mr Raoul K – Emotion Du Peul ‘Your Side’ – Baobab Music
* Margaret Dygas – See You Around – Non Standard Productions
* BLM & Pawas – Cooper – Fear of Flying Records
* Cesar – Chocopop – cd
* No Info – Hypnitized – No Info
* PatKai – Edit Select
* Margaret Dygas – Still While – cd
* Ekkohous Rmx – Sensing You – cd
* Snake Charmer Edit + Loose Joints – cd
* Lee Jones – Think Of A Name – cd
Harry Klein – Stock 5 meets live at Robert Johnson – Ata (Playhouse, Robert Johnson, Frankfurt am Main), Sebastian Kahrs (Robert Johnson, Offenbach), kid.chic (stock5, Harry Klein, München) 07.03.2009Ata Macias alias DJ ATA ist DER Garant für feinsten House der Marke Minimal. Der Inventor des viel umjubelten Clubs „ROBERT JOHNSON“ in Offenbach, wird den Plattentellern im geliebten HARRY KLEIN die hochkarätige schwingende Musik entlocken, die ihn auf seinen Erfolgskurs gebracht hat.Anfang der 90er gründete er mit den beiden ALTER-EGO-Mitgliedern und HEIKO M/S/O das Label-Dreigestirn „ONGAKU“, „PLAYHOUSE“ und „KLANG ELEKTRONIK“. Wir freuen uns auf einen Vertreter der elektronischen Tanzunterhaltung, dem die Liebe zur Musik ins Set geschrieben steht. Auf die Teller kommt dabei alles, was den Mann und vor allem die ihm ergebenen Gäste zwischen Techno, House und Elektronik bewegt – und das alles aus einem Guss natürlich.Begleitet wird er von einem unserer Münchener Lieblings Minimal-House DJs KID.CHIC und ROBERT JOHNSON Partner SEBASTIAN KAHRS. Wer schon mal zu den Grooves von KID.CHIC oder SEBASTIAN KAHRS getanzt hat, möchte das nicht mehr missen.Schlicht und ergreifend drei DJs der Superlative!UND keine Sorge… AB MAI geht’s dann nach kleiner Pause wieder rund im STOCK5.Bis dahin – wir freuen uns auf euch!Let’s rock it! 438 Min, 401 MB, 128 KBit´s CBRHier der Link: Drück mich! blink.gif
PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:10 am Post subject: Ben Watt & Solomun & Jay Haze @ Buzzin Fly (10.12.20
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buzzinflySolomun: Haze: 1 – 30 min Guest Mix by SolomunKris Wadsworth / In Walked KW (Solomun Edit) / CDRH.O.S.H / Super Sick Bowl / DiynamicPeace Division / Gotta Have You (Rozzo Mix) / TsubaTiger Stripes / Voyager (Solomun Dub) / King StreetKerri Chandler / Pong / Ben Klock’s Bones & Strings Review ) / Deeply Rooted

Part 2 – 30 min Guest Mix by Jay Haze

Michal Ho / Groove to Me / Tuningspork

Tadeo / Granada Granada / Cyclic Tracks

Midway / Set It Out Accapella / Personal Records

Sebo K / Diva / Mobilee Records

Kreon / Just Jack / Cecille Numbers

Kool Keith / Drugs Accapella / Wax

Kelis / Milkshake / Accapella / Interscope

Joey Gaynor/ Adams Famliy Theme Song / Wax

Hugo / The Sloop / Tuningspork

Old Dirty Bastard / Shimmy Shimmy Ya / Accapella / EMI

D-Influence / Illusions/ Mk Remix / East West Records

Dj Mujava / Township Funk / Warp

Busta Rhymes / Flip Mode / Dangerous / Interscope

Subversions / Forgot the Virus / Futuredub

Für Leute die ahnung haben Nick Curly muss ………..
___Nick Curly, Cess, Clar & Cameo @ Cafe D Anvers – 06.03.2009
Klick mich___________ up!
The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2008) 720p HDTV x264
Artist: VA
Title: Overview
Label: Lessizmore
  • Butane – Into The Abyss
  • Chaton – Mylessizmorethanyours
  • Daze Maxim – Permanent Mountain
  • Digitaline – Kirikiri
  • Gurtz & Funzion & Dilo & Seph – Miopia
  • James Unk – Question
  • Jay Haze – Elephant Ohh
  • Jorge Savoretti & Dario Zenker – Exhale
  • Junction SM – Radio Calypso
  • K.J. Gibbs – You Need To Get
  • Kane Roth – Beep Me
  • Kasper & Papol – Viva Bruxelles
  • Mathias Kaden – Maraka
  • Mossa – Balloon Gods
  • PEKI – Inside The Quartz Clock
  • Peter Grummich – Movin
  • Pheek – Impromptu
  • Pierre – Manush
  • Pikaya – SWOE (Smile With One Eye)
  • Pompelmoessap – 1946 In Memory
  • Robag Wruhme – Inrespekkt
  • Sarah Goldfarb – Simply Inside
  • Violett & Seph – Elle
  • Seuil – Jealous Derviche
  • Skat – Fireflies
  • Someone Else – Kits Kaboodle
  • Tolga Fidan – Exile
  • Yapacc – Dizz ko

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    weiter so

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