Minimal Live Mixe

Harry Klein – Ein Herz für….eZoo – Jichael Mackson live (Musique Risquée, Hartchef, stock5, München), Dario Zenker (Vakant, Ilian Tape, München), DawnRock (Ilian tape,, München) 25.12.2008


Alle Hobbyweihnachtsmänner und -christkindlein sind heute herzlich auf eine weitere Runde in den elektronischen Tiergarten eingeladen: Die neuesten elektronischen Spielarten werden heute im elektronischen Wintergehege begutachtet.
Heute gibt es ein SPECIAL mit den männlichen Artgenossen.
eZOO Mitbegründer DawnRock lädt ein: JICHAEL MACKSON beehrt uns mit einem neuen Liveact. Bekannt für seinen unverkennbaren Dub- Techno aus fluffigen Soundstrukturen hat er immer die Zügel in der Hand. Seine Tracks sind brilliant aufgebaut und erschaffen im Verbinden von verschiedenen Genres immer etwas völlig Neues. Tanzbar und immer funky, sind seine Livesets völlig überraschend, niemals gleich, dafür reine Improvisation. Daraus entstehen entweder groovige, psychedelische, kitischige oder auch mal humoreske Sounds, die die Meute jedes Mal völlig zum Ausflippen bringen. Für Abwechslung ist auf jeden Fall gesorgt.
Dario Zenker ist ebenfalls ein gern und oft gesehener Gast im eZOO Streichelgehege und wird heute in gewohnt ungezähmter Manier die wilde Menge ganz ohne Zuckerbrot und Peitsche in Wallung bringen. Die Menge frisst ihm aus der Hand und seine Leidenschaft für Musik ist in seinen Sets immer spürbar. Auf Labels wie Vakant zaubert er einen tollen Track nach dem anderen aus seinem Hut.
eZOO steht für Qualität in Sachen Musik! Gemeinsam wirft man Euch die besten Häppchen zum Fraß vor. Gestreichelt wird später, denn jetzt heisst es erstmal auch donnerstags : it`s eZOO time!
Seit mehr als 3 Jahren streamen ANA & DawnRock ihre Tunes jeden Freitag ab 21.00 uhr unter ins Netz. Die Show erfreut sich mittlerweile auch einer treuen und stetig wachsenden Anhängerschaft aus allen Teilen der Welt.

467 Min, 427 MB, 128 KBitś CBR

Hier der Link: Drück mich! blink.gif

Boris Werner, Lauhaus, DJ Flowing, Julietta live @ Harry Klein, Munchen (22.11.2008)

Boris Werner, Lauhaus, DJ Flowing, Julietta live @ Harry Klein, Munchen (22.11.2008) Download:

Chloe & Danton Eeprom – Live @ Baise Main T-Bar (London) 04-12-2008

Chloe & Danton Eeprom – Live @ Baise Main T-Bar (London) 04-12-2008


Cassy, Monocle & Sammy D – Live @ The Endup Kontrol (San Francisco – USA) 07-12-2008

Cassy, Monocle & Sammy D – Live @ The Endup Kontrol (San Francisco – USA) 07-12-2008

Audio Quality: 128kbps
Lenght: 8:15:34
Size: 464 MB


Marcel Dettmann – Live @ Halbzeit Muna Bad Klosterlausnitz (05-07-2008)

Marcel Dettmann – Live @ Halbzeit Muna Bad Klosterlausnitz (05-07-2008)
Audio Quality: 128kbps
Length: 202:51
Size: 185,7 MB



Marc Houle, Richie Hawtin, Gaiser & Heartthrob @ M_Nus Contakt Tour, Tokyo (20.12.2008)

Marc Houle, Richie Hawtin, Gaiser & Heartthrob @ M_Nus Contakt Tour, Tokyo




GummiHz, Ralf Kollmann, Anja Schneider, Dan Curtin Berlin Kreuzberg Institut & Noice! (Mobilee-Special) 19-12-08

GummiHz, Ralf Kollmann, Anja Schneider, Dan Curtin Berlin Kreuzberg Institut & Noice! (Mobilee-Special) 19-12-08


Anja Schneider :

Dan Curtin:

DJs like Richie Hawtin do a lot of flying. That means a lot of CO2 in the air. Plus, CDs ain’t that eco-friendly either. With his new “minimize your IMPACT” initiative, carbon credits and digital downloads help balance the score.

URB: What made you realize that your business practices were hurting the environment?
Hawtin: It was a combination of finding out that I’m going to be a father and how that changes your view on your future. Plus, the sign of the times, more and more coverage of the crisis and seeing Al Gore’s movie—all of these events brought me to the realization that I must do something personally, and that carried over into Minus initiative.

What other DJs have you turned on to this practice?
I hope that peer pressure is a good thing. Part of our initiative is definitely to hopefully lead by example and push other DJs and musicians to think about this and to hopefully come up with their own way of making a more-green pathway in life.

How do carbon credits work?
There are different companies that allow you to calculate your carbon output, then buy the credit to neutralize your environmental impact. They use your money to pool with the other money to invest in programs and initiatives throughout the world (mostly the undeveloped world), which help to create sustainable green programs such as water cleaning facilities, solar/wind/renewable energy sources, things that not only don’t contribute to global warming but actually work against it.


I am in the studio, my process for making a track or recording a mix
are usually totally different. In both cases, I always have an
imaginary crowd in front of me…it’s a crowd that gives me inspiration.

is more present when making a studio mix while intuition is essential
during a live performance (and also an important part of it). It can
depend on the club, on the people, on the location…It’s like there is
an alchemy between myself and the audience.

During a live set I
try to take people on a journey. From the warm up to the pick time,
musical waves bring different moods and give movement to the set.

“ I’m a dj, I am what I play, I play what I am.“

download: luca bacchetti – process part 052

Prosumer & Murat Tepeli ft Elif Bicer I Turn Around I Osgut Ton Cassy I Soul Savior I Perlon
Audio Werner I Before I Hello? Repeat
Sven Uk & Andomat 3000 I Salt & Pepper I Platzhirsch
Lauhaus & Chaptal I Freedom Fries I Remote Area
Plastikman I Nostalgik 3 (Guido Schneider Remix) I Minus
Hosh I Drums of Spring I Diynamic
Quenum I Alacanto I Orac
Ds I Orangefood (Jens Zimmermann Rmx) I Snork
Ricardo Villalobos I Can’t Sleep (Zoexenia Remix) I Connaisseur
Shindoe I Feel the Space (Julien Chaptel Remix) I 100% Pure
Goldseries 3 I Promo
Federico Molinari I Enerverende (Damian Schwartz Remix) I Oslo

Richie Hawtin, Barem & Ambivalent – Live @ K-Space Sessions (25-10-2008)
Richie Hawtin & Ambivalent – Live @ K-Space Sessions (25-10-2008)

Barem – Live @ K-Space Sessions (25-10-2008)

Barem @ Proton Radio 31.10.2008
Magda @ Proton Radio 31.10.2008
Magda @ Proton Radio 31.10.2008

Mistress Barbara – The Sound of Acapulco – 3-11-2008

Mistress Barbara – The Sound of Acapulco – 3-11-2008

Richie Hawtin @ Guendalinda Music Festival 15-8-2008

Richie Hawtin @ Guendalinda Music Festival

Paul Ritch-Livepa At Zen Radio Barcelona-STREAM-24-07-2007

Ivan Smagghe – Live @ Zenzero (Bari, Italy) 15.03.2008 pt 1

Ivan Smagghe – Live @ Zenzero (Bari, Italy) 15.03.2008 pt 2

Raresh & Praslea – Live @ Audiomatic Netradio 23.01.2008

Raresh & Praslea – Live @ Audiomatic Netradio 23.01.2008

Marcin czubala @ velvet zone (NA) 5-04-2008

Marcin czubala @ velvet zone (NA) 5-04-2008 pt 1

Marcin czubala @ velvet zone (NA) 5-04-2008 pt 2

Marcin czubala @ velvet zone (NA) 5-04-2008 pt 3

Rhadoo – Live @ The End CircoLoco (Londra) 23-03-2008

Rhadoo – Live @ The End CircoLoco (Londra) 23-03-2008

Dinky – RA Podcast .096, 31-03-2008

This week on the RA podcast: Dinky mixes up a set of deep and sexy minimal (with a few surprises along the way).

Right place, right time: Alejandra Iglesias (aka Dinky) might just be the Zelig of electronic music. Born in Chile, she hung out with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack and others in the mid-’90s when she was first getting into dance music. Then, when she moved to New York on a dance scholarship, she got caught up with the Minus crew, just as Magda and Richie Hawtin were first hanging out in Gotham in the late ’90s. After visa issues in the wake of 9/11, Dinky made her way to Berlin, where she has taken her career to the next level via relentless touring, a successful record label (Horizontal), not to mention a breakout hit on Cocoon in 2005 (‚Acid in My Fridge‘).
Dinky was supposed to consolidate all of this with her debut mix CD, Get Lost 03, issued on Crosstown Rebels late last year, but after the distributor Amato went bust, so too did the fortunes of her CD, many of which sit languishing in a warehouse somewhere in England waiting for the legal red tape to be sorted. But Dinky is fighting back with an RA podcast, and a set which features many of the same artists as her Get Lost 03 mix, including Matt John, The Mountain People and Radio Slave. Elsewhere there are some classic selections from Arthur Russell and Dan Bell, along with a number of unreleased tracks from Sascha Dive, Tobi Neumann & Matthew Styles and Dinky herself.
01. Indian Ocean – Tree House – Sleeping Bag
02. Baby Ford – Treatment Feel 1 – White Label
03. Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense – M Bassy – Fabric
04. DBX – Bleep – Accelerate
05. Sascha Dive – Unknown – White
06. Mountain People – The Move to the Sun (Edit) – Mountain People
07. Minimalism – Was That That Beat (Edit) – Minimalism
08. Le Noir – Eleny (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix) – Fling
09. Dinky – Da 20s – Unreleased
10. Hector – La Raza – Horizontal
11. Matt John – Boeing Highfly (Let Me Hupe Mix) – Holographic Island
12. Matthew Styles – Eating You – Horizontal
13. Andres Bucci – Online – Horizontal
14. Sensitiva (Tobi Neumann & Onur Özur) – Mimosa – 100% Pure
15. Tobi Neumann and Matthew Styles – Extra Lunch – Unreleased
16. Luc Ringeisen – Lukoomatic (Matthew Styles Remix) – Vinylclub
17. DJ Assault – Dick by the Pound – Mo Wax
18. Luc Ringeisen – Lukoomatic (Matthew Styles Remix) – Vinylclub

Dinky – RA Podcast .096, 31-03-2008

Richie Hawtin – Resident Advisor Podcast 28.04.2008

Richie Hawtin provides RA’s historic 100th podcast.
Perhaps the most celebrated techno DJ in the world, Hawtin has been at the cutting edge of dance music for more than a decade-and-a-half. Whether it’s his future-forward productions and mixes, his work in developing Final Scratch, or in defining minimal techno via his M_nus label, Richie Hawtin has become one of electronic music’s most recognisable figures.
What makes Hawtin so fascinating, is his continued interest in the newest technology and sounds available. At the beginning of the year, Hawtin and the rest of the M_nus imprint underwent „10 Weeks of Silence“, a break that saw Hawtin officially jettison vinyl altogether. Now on a completely digital setup, he’s once again pushing himself into uncharted territory.
With RA.100, Hawtin weaves together 60 minutes of snippets from deep house to techno, but don’t expect to hear any scratchy old vinyl – the big news is that after M_nus‘ self-imposed 10 weeks of silence at the beginning of the year, Hawtin has now officially given up vinyl altogether.
So, you’ve stopped playing records…
I am now using a setup consisting of Traktor Scratch/Studio, Ableton, and A&H Mixers/controllers. So far, it’s been really inspiring for me, as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and perhaps that one of the last remaining walls (or most of it) between the Studio and the Club has come down.
DJ’ing and performing is – for me – at its best when you really feel free to be as creative as you can imagine, and you’re moving towards a system where you have more options. It’s still the early stages for me and my new setup, but I feel that even though I’ve perhaps lost the dynamics of vinyl, I’ve gained a more fluid, dynamic, even organic feel to my sets.
Another interesting advantage of this type of setup is that it offers me more possibilities to use more of the material that I’m receiving these days. In the old days your ‚crate‘ would be full with only final finished tracks, all mastered and polished, but now I can better use some of the pre-masters, demos, samples and things that I receive from up-and-coming producers and work them into my mix.
RA.100 is made up of the following artists and tracks, as well as other assorted bits and pieces. Enjoy.
Cassino & Labén / Oliver Dodd – Elevators and Escalators – Addon /
Dub Kult – Crypt – Curle Recordings / Danilo Vigorito – Alnitak (Dark Side) – Inside Orion Minimal Muzik / Click Box – Peek a Boo – Items & Things /
John Conrad – Maxime Dangles / Aleph-1 – C A G 08.4s – iDEAL Recordings /
Alex Under – Gris – CMYK / Johnny D – Tramodyssee – Oslo / J.Alter – Track 1 / Gaiser – Ground 1.1 / Acid Circus – Uncle Jak – Droid Recordings /
Obtane – Tribute to Mandragora (Damon Wild Remix) – Synewave /
Heron – Afterhour – Minisome / Hugo – Born To Bop – Claque Musique /
Gel Abril – 200 Grams – Be As One / Moritz von Oswald – Watamu Beach – Desolat /
Seuil – Dance – Minibar / Skoozbot – Two Over The Eight – Mindshake Records /
Dan Berkson & James What – Reflections feat Robert Owens – Poker Flat /
Rasmus Hedlund – Betoni – Resopal Schallware / Alva Noto – Haliod Xerrox Copy 1 – Raster-Noton / Nick Curly – On My Way (Ali Nasser Remix) – Supernature Records / Heron – The Way Home – Minisome / J.Alter – Track 2

Richie Hawtin – Resident Advisor Podcast 28.04.2008 Richie Hawtin – RA-100 – 28-04-2008 [historic 100th podcast]
Richie Hawtin – RA-100 – 28-04-2008 [historic 100th podcast]
Richie Hawtin – RA-100 – 28-04-2008 [historic 100th podcast]

Falko Brocksieper – RA Podcast 101 05.05.2008

01 Coalition Of The Killing – Azizam – Karloff
02 The Cheapers – Caves – Upon You
03 Agnčs – Dancing Bells – Minibar
04 Falko Brocksieper – Private – Sub Static
05 Jahcoozi – Shake The Doom (Cassy Remix) – Careless
06 Dan Curtin – Pull Up – Leena
07 Tampopo – Helicopters Got Cameras (Tobias. Remix) – Métisse
08 Falko Brocksieper – Zychological – Sub Static
09 Dan Curtin – Glance – Leena
10 Johnny D – Tramodysee – Oslo
11 Bart Skils & Anton Pieete aka District One – One 2 One – 100% Pure
12 Mark August – Warm (Zander VT Detune Mix) – Métisse
13 Baby Ford and the iFach Collective – Bad Friday – Klang

Four Tet @ RA.102 Resident Advisor, 12.05.2008

01. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – Ocre – Oslo
02. Martin Buttrich – Stoned Autopilot – Planet E
03. Delia Gonzales and Gavin Russom – Rise (DFA Remix) – DFA
04. Ricardo Villalobos – Enfants (Chants) – Sei Es Drum
05. Plastikman – Kiropraktor – Plus 8
06. Harold Björk – Brus – Traum Schallplatten
07. Hot Chip – No Fit State (Audion Remix) – EMI
08. A Number of Names – Sharevari – Capriccio
09. Alex Smoke – A Moment to Myself – Soma Quality Recordings
10. Aril Brikha – Groove la Chord – Fragile Records
11. X-Ray – Let’s Go (Dub Mix) – Transmat
12. Crazy Bald Heards – First Born – On A Tick
13. MJ Cole – Sincere (Dubb 2000) – AM:PM
14. Inner City – Good Life (Mathew Jonson Remix) – KMS
15. Benga – Z – Tempa
16. Lindstrom – Breakfast in Heaven (Arp Remix) – Feedelity
17. Sam Clarence – Sextant Daktari – Remake Music
18. Matt John – Olga Dancekowski – BAR25
19. Thom Yorke – Black Swan (Cristian Vogel Remix) – XL
20. Sound Stream – Love Jam – Sound Stream
21. Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches and Prunes (Ron Hardy Re-Edit 1) – Partehardy Records
22. C++ – Angie’s Fucked – Music For Freaks
23. Four Tet – Swimmer – Domino Recording Company Ltd.
24. Born Ruffians – I Need a Life (Four Tet Remix) – Warp
Four Tet @ RA.102 Resident Advisor, 12.05.2008

Ryan Crosson aka Berg Nixon @ Juice (Bergamo) 11-04-2008

Ryan Crosson aka Berg Nixon @ Juice (Bergamo) 11-04-2008

GALLUZZI & ONUR OZER Cocoon Residency-Barraca Discoteca-(Valencia,Spain) 23.02.08

lenght: 163mb
size: 1:58:56
bitrate: poor!!
Onur Özer @ Cocoon Residency-Barraca Discoteca-(Valencia,Spain)-Md-23.02.2008

Pan-Pot @ Tronix, Bielefeld – 11.05.2008


Mai 2008 neues Set zum Download verfügbar

:::::neues Set zum Download verfügbar:::::

jan krüger @ watergate, berlin 02.04.2008

jan krüger @ sunsui, osaka 29.02.2008

000:00 Alter Ego – Lycra (Wishmountain’s Tight Fitting Lycra Mix)
002:30 Lil‘ Mark – Feel The Rhythm
008:00 .Xtrak – Flada
011:50 DBX – Flying Saucer
014:00 Daze Maxim – Unreleased
019:40 Vera & Federico Molinari – It Ain’t Music
024:20 Alexi Delano – Debajo
029:30 DS – Orangefood (Jens Zimmermann’s Vitamin C)
034:10 Ricardo Villalobos – Panpot Spliff
039:20 Daze Maxim – The Trickster
043:30 Brother’s Vibe – Spherical Bones (Long Version)
047:30 Ido Oshkopun – Naypyidaw
053:00 Johnny D – Orbitalife
058:30 Derrick L. Carter – Where Ya At?
062:30 Chez Damier & Ron Trent, M.D. – Hip To Be Disillusioned
066:30 .Xtrak – Don’t Stop
069:00 Wolf N‘ Flow – I’m Feelin‘ Moody
073:40 Steve Poindexter – Work That Mutha Fucka
076:20 Schatrax – A Question Of Timing
081:00 Phil Weeks & Chris Carrier – Method To The Madness
086:00 Freak Seven – Pitch Black (Orlando Voorn Remix)
091:00 Terence FM – Feelin Kinda High (High As Hell Mix)
097:00 G-Man – Quo Vadis
102:00 Plastikman – Snark (Ricardo Villalobos Edit)
105:00 Ido Oshkopun – Out Of Burma
110:00 Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Mederico
114:30 Dj Sneak – Recycled Loops
118:30 Daniel Bell – Warped
120:00 Stax – Str8 Nasty

Rhadoo, Pedro & Raresh @ Club Session, Bucharest 19.5.07

lenght: 1:24:12min
size: 75,3mb
bitrate: poor!!
Andre Galluzzi @ Cocoon Residency-Barraca Discoteca-(Valencia,Spain)-Md-23.02.2008

Dj Crow & friends-9 hoursr! HERZBLUT! @ Etage E1ns 12.04.2008

00:00 – 60:00 min. – Walker
60:00 – 185:00 min. – PatrickS & Walker
185:00 – 355:20 min – DJ CROW (3 hours set)
355:00 – 490:12 min. – Klaus Radvanowsky
490:10 – end – Sascha Eickhoff & Oliver Henry

SETDOWNLOAD (100 Mbit – max downloadspeed!):

9 hoursr!HERZBLUT!@Etage E1ns – Dj Crow & friends 12..4.08
(save target as) // OVER 9 HOUR´S LONG !!!
256 kbps / 44100 kHz
997,23 MB / mp3

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