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Artist: VA

Title: Overview

Label: Lessizmore

  • Butane – Into The Abyss
  • Chaton – Mylessizmorethanyours
  • Daze Maxim – Permanent Mountain
  • Digitaline – Kirikiri
  • Gurtz & Funzion & Dilo & Seph – Miopia
  • James Unk – Question
  • Jay Haze – Elephant Ohh
  • Jorge Savoretti & Dario Zenker – Exhale
  • Junction SM – Radio Calypso
  • K.J. Gibbs – You Need To Get
  • Kane Roth – Beep Me
  • Kasper & Papol – Viva Bruxelles
  • Mathias Kaden – Maraka
  • Mossa – Balloon Gods
  • PEKI – Inside The Quartz Clock
  • Peter Grummich – Movin
  • Pheek – Impromptu
  • Pierre – Manush
  • Pikaya – SWOE (Smile With One Eye)
  • Pompelmoessap – 1946 In Memory
  • Robag Wruhme – Inrespekkt
  • Sarah Goldfarb – Simply Inside
  • Violett & Seph – Elle
  • Seuil – Jealous Derviche
  • Skat – Fireflies
  • Someone Else – Kits Kaboodle
  • Tolga Fidan – Exile
  • Yapacc – Dizz ko


————————-BAREM & NOCOMPLY———————–

LWE Podcast 09: Pär Grindvik

As owner of the record shop Illegal Stockholm, Pär Grindvik established himself as a pillar of Sweden’s techno scene in the 90’s; the next step was making releases to appear on its shelves. His stark, rhythmically-focused productions cloud the air with delightfully malicious tension that only his breakdowns can resolve, fitting in well on Drumcode, Spectral Sound, Syndikaat Records and Truesoul. Grindvik also owns, operates and releases on Stockhold Ltd and Isles & Islets, home to Staffan Linzatti, Van Rivers, Hardcell and his own alias, The Hollow. For his exclusive new mix for LWE, Grindvik whisks listeners away to a murky, uncertain and largely unreleased world governed by drums and deep pools of delay. Grab a torch and take the plunge.

Download: LWE Podcast 09: Pär Grindvik (62:00)


01. Roll the Dice, “The New Black” [*]
02. Maus & Stolle, “Taxi” [Klang Elektronik]
03. Mood II Swing, “Move Me” (Dub) [Earth, Sun & Moon]
04. MLZ, “OneState” [Modern Love]
05. Gadgets, “Be Real” [Gadgets]
06. Bluetrain, “Factory Dubs” [Bluetrain]
07. Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid, “Simple As That” [Islands & Islets*]
08. Aberrant, “Kirkbride’s Dungeon” [REKIDS*]
09. Van Rivers, “Tough Life” [Islands & Islets*]
10. Van Rivers, “Steelpan” (S. Linzatti Remix Sketch) [Islands & Islets*]
11. Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid, “Super Sladd” [Islands & Islets*]
12. S. Linzatti, “Saisaisai Tool” [*]
13. Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search, “Metheor” [Outland Records]
14. Senor Coconut, “Chocolatina” (Mirco Violi remix) [Be Chosen]
15. Kerri Chandler, “Pong” (Ben Klock remix) [Deeply Rooted House]
16. Pär Grindvik, “I’ll Give” [Truesoul]

Read an interview with Pär Grindvik after the jump.

When and where did you make the mix?

Pär Grindvik: I recorded this mix in our combine bed/work/studio room in Berlin.

What’s the concept behind the mix?

I meant to come up with a well carved concept for this mix, as LWE and its podcast section means a lot to me! But suddenly time was gone and I just recorded it on the fly, grabbing some older favorites from the shelter that I’ve been thinking of lately and upon that I tried out new music that I received recently from some of the artists on our labels. I think that it turned out great and I would say that it continues a collection of music that inspire me right now, that’s why it’s called “Inspiration Take I” That and the fact that “Inspiration Take” sounds so Jamaican and dub. just as this mix turned out — bass, drums and a huge amount of reverbs and delays.

Who are a few of your favorite DJs and why?

These are favorites right now:
Seth Troxler: It feels like he is the new Lil’ Louis. Romance and faith, love the way he collects gems from past and plays them with future sound of Seth. Cassy, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, actually everybody at Berghain I would say. Having a coffee or a shot listening to any of the residents is a great start for a Sunday. Otherwise I love listening to podcasts like LWE, Beats In Space, Lazpod and the Bunker Podcast from New York.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

I will try to get some studio time in between all the traveling and label work. However, I have some remixes in the pipe line, one interpretation of Seth Troxler’s masterpiece “Love Never Sleeps” on Crosstown Rebels, the original is easily one of my favorite songs this year. Then I have one remix that I’ve done for a Swedish rock/pop artist called Tiger Lou. Not to forget, I will release a new record under my alias The Hollow on Stockholm LTD called “Treat Me Bad” which will continue where the last one “We Want It Bad” ended. People has asked me about this subject and I thought it would take ages before I went back recoding new The Hollow material, but then it just happened. And also I’m super excited about all new releases coming out on my labels Stockholm LTD and Islands and Islets.

Download: LWE Podcast 09: Pär Grindvik

LWE Podcast 10: Andomat 3000

Andreas Wiegand didn’t have much to say when answering our interview questions, but critics and clubbers alike have been quite noisy in their appreciation for his music as Andomat 3000. Retooling his career after years as DJ Mahatma, Wiegand (and Jan) turned heads with the massive “L Delay” for Cadenza, and he’s only gotten better since. His barbed and tightly laced “Cognitive Dissonance” helped propel Cécille Records into the spotlight before splashing his tracky, jazz-influenced aesthetic across releases and remixes for Four:Twenty, Platzhirsch Schallplatten, Poker Flat, Einmaleins Musik, REKIDS, and Cocoon, among others. For our 10th podcast, Wiegand opted for an exclusive live set crafted solely with unreleased tracks, offering a spectacular keyhole view into the future sounds of Andomat 3000. Given the nature of this beast the tracklist is necessarily sketchy, but few will have time to care when the irresistible, pumping rhythms draw you far from your computer.

Download: LWE Podcast 10: Andomat 3000 (65:39)


01. Andomat 3000, “1-2-3″
02. Andomat 3000, “Gjjh” (LWE version)
03. Andomat 3000, “Yeah” (LWE version)
04. Andomat 3000, “Heinzland Jazz”
05. Andomat 3000, “Miles Motel” (live version)
06. Andomat 3000, “Lyambiko” (LWE version)
07. Andomat 3000, “Maxwell”
08. Andomat 3000, can’t remember1 (Ableton improvisation)
09. Andomat 3000, “Reverse Dizko”
10. Andomat 3000, can’t remember2 (Ableton improvisation)
10.5. some beats from the live act
11. Andomat 3000 & Sven UK, “Scheisslied nr. 2″
12. Andomat 3000, unreleased remix I did for Material series
13. Andomat 3000, “Ode to DBX”
14. Andomat 3000, track I did 1,000 years ago
15. Andomat 3000, another track I did 1,000 years ago

Check out an interview with Andomat 3000 after the jump.

When and where did you make the mix?

Andomat 3000: I recorded it at home last week.

What’s the concept behind the mix?

I had no concept beside that it would all be unreleased tracks. I tried to make no mistakes in mixing but didn’t succeed.

Who are a few of your favorite DJs and why?

I really don’t know.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

I’m gonna do some live gigs and prepare some releases, as I was not producing much recently.

Download: LWE Podcast 10: Andomat 3000

LWE Podcast 05: Tama Sumo

Before she made her vinyl debut for Ostgut Ton earlier this year, Tama Sumo (Kerstin Egert to her friends) was already a celebrated DJ with Tresor and Panoramabar residencies under her belt. So it’s with great excitement that LWE offers this exclusive mix from one of Berlin’s finest. LWE HQ hasn’t stopped shaking since this one arrived.

Download: LWE Podcast 05: Tama Sumo (65:38)


01. Basic Soul Unit, “Mmme” [Mathematics Recordings]
02. DJ Koze, “I Want to Sleep” [International Records Recordings]
03. Toby Tobias, “The Feeling” (John Daly remix) [REKIDS]
04. Niggemann & Poppcke, “L’aurora” (Agnès Chicago Take) [Moonpool]
05. Octave One, “DayStar Rising” [Underground Resistence]
06. Tony Lionni, “Shuffle” [Versatile]
07. Kerri Chandler, “Hexadecimal” [Deeply Rooted House]
08. Wbeeza, “Disco Dayz” [Third Ear Recordings]
09. Ricky L, “Nothing But…” (Skin dub) [Ibadan]
10. DJ Funk, “House the Groove” [Dance Mania]
11. Gemini, “U Know How I Feel” [Relief]
12. Dee D. Jackson, “Automatic Lover” (The Innovative Mix) [Power Records]
13. Nick Chacona, “Tonka” [20:20 Vision]
14. Motor City Drum Ensemble, “Escape To Nowhere” [Four Roses Recordings]
15. JC Freaks, “The Rock” [wandering]
16. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli, “Serenity” (Soundstream’s Dusty Machine mix) [Ostgut Ton]

Check out an interview with Tama Sumo after the jump.

When and where did you make the mix?

Tama Sumo: I did the mix at home yesterday (July 28).

What’s the concept behind the mix?

Puuuh — having fun, feeling good and groovy. Combining different things (if I do longer sets, I usually combine old and new house, techno and a bit (electro) disco stuff. But one hour for me is a bit too short for telling this story ;o)

Who are a few of your favorite DJs and why?

Some my favorite DJs are my Berghain and Panoramabar collegues: Prosumer, Steffi, Stephan Hill, Cassy, nd baumecker, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Shed, Marcel Fengler. And besides Berghain: Rolando, Redshape (live), Tobias Freund (live), Carsten Klemann, Mike Huckaby, Larry Heard, Moodymann, Patrice Scott, Omar-S, and Laurent Garnier. They all inspire me because while listening to their sets I have the feeling that they are or give: positive vibrations, moods, grooves, for being authentic, for creating ups and downs during their sets, for telling stories, for laying a lot of love and passion in music.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Another track from Prosumer and me on a Diamonds & Pearls compilation and maybe a track from Stephan Hill and me on Vidab.

Download: LWE Podcast 05: Tama Sumo

matt john – podcast (19/06/2008)

Par Grindvik

Agoria and Oxia
Alex Under

MAGDA @ Fusion Festival 26.06.2008


Len Faki @ Open-Air Beckleck, 04-07-2008

Artist: Various
Lessizmore Overview
Label: LesIzmo:r
CD, Compilation, Mixed
Release date:
06 Mar 2008
Minimal, Techno


Disc 1
01 Tolga Fidan Exile (4:01)
02 Seuil Jealous Derviche (5:32)
03 Seph (2) , Violett Elle (7:07)
04 Daze Maxim Permanent Mountain (7:52)
05 Someone Else (2) Kit’s Kaboodle (4:24)
06 James Unk Question (5:32)
07 Kane Roth Beep Me (4:47)
08 Funzion , Dilo , Gurtz , Seph (2) Miopia (3:15)
09 Jay Haze Elephant‘ Ohh (5:05)
10 Mathias Kaden Maraka (5:30)
11 Chaton Mylessizmorethanyours (5:44)
12 Sarah Goldfarb Simply Inside (5:14)
13 Robag Wruhme Inrespekkt (5:02)
14 Pompelmoessap 1946 In Memory (9:32)

Disc 2
01 Junction SM Radio Calypso (8:12)
02 Pikaya SWOE (Smile With One Eye) (6:50)
03 Skat Fireflies (7:08)
04 Yapacc Dizz_ko (6:22)
05 Mossa Balloon Gods (6:08)
06 KJ Gibbs You Need To Get (7:27)
07 Kasper (2) , Papol Viva Bruxelles (7:22)
08 DJ Pierre (3) , Gaspard Manesse (2) Manush (10:07)
09 Digitaline Kirikiri (6:17)
10 Jorge Savoretti , Dario Zenker Exhale (6:56)
11 Peter Grummich Movin (6:32)


Artist: Pan/Tone
Skip The Foreplay
Release date:
01 Sep 2008
Tech House, Minimal

01. Perdon Pan/Tone
02. Shame
03. Makers Mark
04. Lost Highways
05. Clean Getaway
06. Touchy-Feely
07. Broken English
08. Dirty Deeds (Revised Mix)
09. Muckefuk
10. Donner Kebap
11. Falcon & The Snowman
12. Street Meat


Artist: Mauro Picotto
Label :
Big In Ibiza
Encoder :
Lame 3.97
Release Date :
Genre :
Trance/ Tech
Size :
251,2 MB
Quality : 320kbps CBR – 44,1kHz


01.contaminato (meganite mix) [07:27] (original mix) [07:45]
03.evribadi (fonzerelli remix) [06:16]
04.greens (riccardo ferri live mix) [06:52]
05.ibiza angel (rex mundi remix) [08:20]
06.iguana (megavoices mix) [07:31]
07.komodo (save a soul) (megavoices claxxix mix) [08:18]
08.komonster (intro mix) [08:58]
09.lizard 2008 (sequence 11 aka sterbinszky remix) [07:58]
10.maybe, maybe not (christian smith & john selway remix) [07:24]
11.mehr taub (gabry ribetti mix) [07:08] time new place (original mix) [06:06]
13.stonehead (hale mix) [06:45]
14.stormi di draghi (devid mix) [06:32]
15.the kite [06:15]


Artist: Monika Kruse
Title: Changes of Perception (Unmixed)
Label: Terminal
Release date: 18 Sep 2008
Format: Unmixed
Quality: 320 Kbps


01. Alo
02. Don’t Come Close
03. Changes of Perception
04. Hope
05. Fragile
06. When I Woke Up
07. Wackypaky
08. Morgana
09. Spank Me Later
10. So Hum
11. Bonfini (Beatport Only)


Artist: Ricardo Villalobos
Title: Vasco
Release date: 04/10/08
103.36 MB


01 Minimoonstar (Full Session) 31:43
02 Electonic Water 12:58
03 Amazordum 12:06
04 Skinfummel 13:17

Artist: Dinky
May Be Later
Released date:
6 October 2008
Minimal, Tech House


01. Mi Amor
02. Mars Cello
03. Burdelia
04. Fademein
05. Seven 2 Seven
06. She Is Moving
07. Sunday Set
08. No Pressure
09. Mind
10. May Be Later
11. Twilo


Artist: Deetron
Tittle: Fuse Presents Deetron
Label Music Man Records
Format: CD Mixed
Released date: 3 November 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Techno, Minimal
Quality: VBR


01-Mossa-Body Selector (Swayzak remix)
02-Salvatore Freda & Volta-Basic Hood Lobos
03-Kenneth Bager Feat. Jean Luc Ponty & Nikolaj Grandjean-Fragment Four… Love Won’t Leave Me Alone (Jackie Idjut Remix)
04-Iron Curtis-Ass & Cash
05-Dop-I’m Just A Man
06-Jacopo Carreras-One Sentence (Efdemin Remix)
08-Fingers Inc.-A Path
09-Marcel Dettmann-Plain
10-Spacetime Continuum-Kairo (Carl Craig Mix 1)
11-Gene Hunt-Inspire (Abicah Soul Remix)
12-Jerome Derradji-System Of Survival
13-Henrik Schwarz / Ame / Dixon- D.P.O.M.B. (Version 1)
14-Adam Marshall-Thelon (Todd Sines Remix)
15-Trus’me-W.A.R. Dub
17-Dettmann & Klock-Blank Scenario
18-Matthew Styles-We Said Nothing
19-DXR-Dark Rain
20-Shackleton Feat. Vengeance Tenfold-Death Is Not Final
21-Michel Cleis & Salvatore Freda-Sassicaia
22-The Lost Men-I Cried For You
23-Herb Martin-Soul Drums
24-Radio Slave-Eyes Wide Open
25-Mr. Monday-Future


Artist : Gaiser
Blank Fade
Genre :
Techno – Minimal
Label :
Release date: Oct 2008
Encoder :
Quality :
240kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks :
Size :


1 Volve (Original Mix) 4:58
2 Face Down (Original Mix) 6:20
3 Ground (Original Mix) 5:31
4 Ciliate With (Original Mix) 6:40
5 Whether Or Not (Original Mix) 6:54
6 Substance B (Original Mix) 6:25
7 Comma, Fade (Original Mix) 6:59
8 Leave It (Original Mix) 6:22
9 Trunkated (Original Mix) 9:44
10 Descending Order (Original Mix) 8:19
11 One After (Original Mix) 6:47
12 Outline (Original Mix) 8:17
13 Rate 78.17 (Bonus Track) 5:59


Artist: VA
The Sound of the Ninth Season Mixed by Sven Vath
Cocoon Recordings
Techno, House, Electro
Release date:
320 VBRkbps / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
214 mb

CD 1
1. Mathew Jonson – Symphony For The Apocalypse: New Age Revolution 10:13
2. Styro 2000 – Liver Donor (Bang Goes Rx) 6:11
3. Sasha – The Mongoose 7:26
4. Ahem Sisman – Buiya 9:37
5. Timo Maas – Subtellite 10:04
6. Alex Flatner – Perfect Circles (Original) 5:52
7. Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix) 8:33
8. Virtualismo – Mismo Plastico 7:12
9. Smith & Selway – Total Departure (Cirez D) 7:55
10.Vaeth vs Fluegel – Trashbindance 6:51

CD 2
1. Anthony Collins – Reeves 6:30
2. Kollektive Turmstrasse – Herz Aus Holz Mix 5:05
3. SIS – Orgsa 5:36
4. Johnny D – Orbitalife 9:05
5. Quenum – Vault Element 6:04
6. Reboot – Vandong 7:11
7. Sven Tasnadi – Waiting For You Again 5:49
8. Pigon – Promises 7:04
9. Microworld – This Is My Friend (Disco Version) 7:50
10.Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix) 6:48
11.Luke Solomon – Spirits (Prins Thomas Disko-tek Miks) 9:12


Dapayk Live at Deeper Moods, Los Angeles


Niklas Worgt, better known to the music world as German-born DJ Dapayk Solo, has dabbled in multiple musical styles over the course of his 15-year career, with drum & bass, breakbeat, and tech-house being the most notable. For this exclusive, hour-long, mix, Worgt gave us a live set from his November 9 show at the Deeper Moods party in Los Angeles, and since he’s been crafting minimal techno cuts of late, he took the opportunity to show off his abilities in that genre with this mix. It seems he’s also is bent on introducing us to the dark side of dance music, with cut after cut of foreboding bass and creepy-sounding vocals.

Dapayk Live at Deeper Moods, Los Angeles
01 Dapayk Solo “Scratch the Surface”
02 Marcus Kaes “Roboto (Dapayk Rmx)”
03 Dapayk Solo “Hagen”
04 Dapayk Solo “How Low”
05 Dapayk & Padberg “Sister”
06 Dapayk Solo “Right Here with Me”
07 Dapayk Solo “10 Minutes of Fame”
08 Dapayk Solo “A Saw Attacks”
09 Mimo & Schmahl “Sometimes (Dapayk Rmx)”
10 Dapayk Solo “Acid Pornofski”
11 Marek Bois “Memento Moments”

Download (right click, save as) (00MB, 320kBit/s)



Audio Quality: 128kbps
Lenght: 4:49:56
Size: 290 MB

DOWNLOAD via megaupload

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